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Thus it begins. Here contains a place where I wish to grow in creativity. This blog is my journey of dreams – of strengthening the art of storytelling and my ability to participate. The written word has enraptured me for my entire life – truly. I cannot tell you a time where I was not hungry for words, stories, memories. Both fiction and non-fiction fascinate me. I inherited my mother’s voracious appetite for books and stories. There are not enough days in a year, nor years in my life where I could read all I want to read. Poets, people both dead and alive, experiences, nature, children, playwrights…anything that involves character and plot and setting — it’s all a wonderful adventure. And I want to share my passion. I want to participate in keeping such a wonderful art alive. (more…)


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The beginning of our adventure is just around the corner. More to come very soon, where you will see just what our journeys will entail. Pack your bags, this is only the beginning…

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